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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

None of Us Are Experts

My professional life is awash in social media. I choose "awash" because although there is a personal strategy behind your brand, we marketers have about as much control over our brand as we do over the ocean tides. This makes it hard for the old codgers in our crew (me included) to let go. Marketing is not the same. We've lost our bullhorn. Now we have to listen. Some of us are just learning how to do that so please be patient. Remember just as marketers are trying to become more "human" we actually already are so mean, personal comments are never alright.

We've witnessed not only amazing technological advances but generational differences that we're still trying to make sense of. How do we inspire and promote to digital natives? How do we check our snarkiness at the door and remember that even the young-ins have something to add to the conversation?

We're all learning this zany social media stuff. None of us are experts, some of us just have more practice and a louder voice. We all have different opinions and now we all have an inexpensive way to reach the multitudes. But one thing we can agree on - social media has changed everything.